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Madeline Island School of the Arts

Looking for a trip of a lifetime? Look no further than Madeline Island School of the Arts. MISA has locations on Madeline Island, Wisconsin; Tuscon, Arizona; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Bar Harbor, Maine and on-line classes. MISA has classes in painting, writing, quilting, plein air painting, photography, fiber arts, mixed media, writing and urban sketching. Something for everyone!

I first went to Madeline Island in September 2016 for Quiltworx University. It was wonderful; peaceful and beautiful. I went again in June 2018 for a Jacqueline deJonge workshop. Where exactly is Madeline Island? It's at the top of Wisconsin in Lake Superior. Also known as the Apostle Islands. It's not far from Duluth, Minnesota. You need to take a ferry from Bayfield, Wisconsin; about a 20 minute ride to LaPointe, Madeline Island. When I give presentations to guilds, I always mention MISA and show them photos from my two trips.

There is Big Bay State Park and campground; an art gallery, MI Historical Museum, MI Golf Club, MI Wilderness Preserve, boating, lighthouses, bike riding, horseback riding and kayaking. Plenty of things for a spouse to do, while you are taking a workshop.

And did I tell you about the endless supply of the freshly made mini chocolate chip cookies in the workshop building? MISA also has bicycles on site and sewing machine rentals.

I am excited to be returning to Madeline Island this summer for another workshop.

I don't receive anything for writing this blog post. It's just me trying to spread joy and tell you about a beautiful and serene place to take amazing art classes.

Here are some additional photos for you to enjoy.

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