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Party Time

Welcome to the May Blog Hop, where the Island Batik Ambassadors get to show off their paper pieced creations! There have been some stunning quilts made this month by a group of very talented quilters. My gorgeous bundle of fabrics to use was "Prisms" from the Winter '23 collections. Prisms was designed by Kathy Engle for Create with Claudia (Claudia Porter). These beautiful fabrics are shipping to stores right now!

The theme was not just paper pieced, but Celebrations. I thought of a Christmas Tree with colorful lights and bulbs. I went to Electric Quilt and began playing around with ideas and blocks. I thought about birthdays - Big Birthdays. The one's with 0 at the end. 40, 50, 60, 80. That was it! We have several ladies in our quilting group who are celebrating their big birthdays in 2024! 40, 60, 70, 80. I don't know if I would want to be 40 again, but I would take 50! I digress....

I chose two blocks on EQ8 - the present and the birthday cake blocks. I separated the fabrics into two stacks. The first stack was used to make ten present blocks (10" finished). The second stack of fabrics were used to make ten birthday blocks and I also used tid-bits of stack one. While I was sewing the birthday cake blocks, I thought Island Batik should make a fabric collection called "Cake Batter". There could be chocolate, fudge, vanilla, lemon, red velvet, pound cake, strawberry short cake, black forest, carrot cake. I think you get the picture!

The present block had three sections; the bottom half, the top half and the ribbon. The present block was relatively easy and went fast. The birthday cake block, was again, relatively easy, but more detailed. It was comprised of two sections; the birthday cake, including the candles and the candle flames.

Let's review our paper piecing steps:

  1. Fold on the solid line

  2. Ad-a-quarter ruler

  3. Trim

  4. Add new fabric

  5. Sew on the solid line

  6. Press

  7. Repeat

Don't forget to lower your stitch length between 1.50 and 1.80. Although, I don't recommend 1.50 for beginners because if you make a mistake it will be difficult to get the stitches out. Remember, for section one, the fabric is lightly glued wrong side to the back of section one. For all other sections, put the right sides of fabric together.

Also, remember to remove the paper from the units before you sew them together. You do not want to sew through four layers (two fabric, two paper). If you were sewing curves, you would leave the paper on the bottom unit, but not on the floppy piece.

When my blocks were completed, I put them on my design wall and arranged them. I used Island Batik gray solid for my sashing (cut 2" by 10-1/2") and white for the background of the blocks. The borders are 3" wide. Schmetz Microtex 70/10 are my go to needles, especially for paper piecing. Of course, my Oliso iron was right by my side! Aurifil 50 weight thread is my thread of choice.

I apologize for not having "Party Time" quilted and for my not so good photo shoot; the weather has not been cooperating here in New York - rain and wind for several days.


I need to spotlight my favorite fabric from "Prisms". isn't she gorgeous?

It is called Dots - Pink Raspberry.

Don't forget to check out the othe Island Batik Ambassador blogs! Also, head on over to the Island Batik blog and participate in their weekly give away. You might just be a lucky winner of a beautiful bundle of batiks!


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The Island Batik Ambassadors were invited to become partners with the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

This means that when YOU order over $50 from Missouri Star Quilt and you use my Affiliate link:  you will get 20% off your order and I will receive a small commission. Enjoy receiving 20% off all of your orders! You can use my link over and over and over!!!

The link is permanently on my website so that you don't have to keep searching for it!

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2 Kommentare

17. Mai

Oh my! I used that same present block in my quilt, too! But I only made one of that block. I love how it looks with the cakes. Have a great day!

Gefällt mir

16. Mai

Fun birthday celebration quilt, Susan!!

Gefällt mir
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